Fall has already arrived which means winter is around the corner! The season is changing, and it is the time when most of us want to boost the pace of life. Due to changes in season, schedule, and life, you might be struggling to get enough sleep. Falling asleep fast, staying asleep, and feeling comfortable while falling asleep are the most struggles for many busy people these days. And the quality of your night’s sleep can significantly affect your productivity.

Change your bedtime routine to get better sleep

If you are finding it tough to fall asleep, this is the sign that you should update your night routine. Just the way you have a morning routine to feel fresh and recharged, that includes brushing your teeth, taking shower, getting dressed, and having breakfast, you should have a relaxing bedtime routine to help you sleep better.

Routine refers to doing the same activities in the same order. So when you have a positive bedtime routine, it helps your brain to recognize that it is time to sleep, and you can fall asleep quickly.

Certain activities before bed can hinder your sleep. If your nighttime routine includes scrolling social media, reading news headlines, and watching Netflix, it is time to switch things up.

Do activities that can calm your mind and body

Take a warm bath

Taking a warm bath before hitting the hay relaxes your muscles and mind. It sets your body at an ideal temperature for sleep. Keep in mind the water shouldn’t be hot but warm.

Read a book

Many studies have shown that reading before bed reduces stress and allows your mind to settle. This eventually helps you sleep better.

Gentle stretching

Gentle stretching right before sleeping relieves tension and decreases the stress response of your mind. It relaxes your muscles so you can sleep better.

Switch to a new mattress

A mattress plays a vital role in your sleep that’s why if you are struggling to sleep, make sure to check the quality of the mattress. If you identify the signs that tell it’s time to change your mattress, make sure to rely on the best mattress companies in California to get a quality mattress.

Don’t use gadgets

Avoid using any gadgets such as mobiles and laptops for at least an hour before sleeping. These devices have artificial lights that hinder your sleep. Furthermore, expose yourself to sunlight in the morning.

In addition, incorporate activities that you find relaxing and comforting into your nighttime routine to know if it works for you. When you find out what is working, stay consistent with it.

All in all

Getting into a healthy and relaxing nighttime routine can increase your chances of falling asleep faster. Furthermore, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake up. Apart from the nighttime habits, the mattress also impacts the quality of your sleep. So if you feel that your mattress has become uncomfortable recently, invest in a quality mattress right away. Mattress companies in California offer high-quality mattresses at affordable costs. Visit now to discover the largest range and grab the latest discounts.


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