Mattress in Orange County

If you are someone who lives a life on the wheels and loves to travel on the go in a recreational vehicle or RV, then you will love to have our premium quality RV mattress for a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well is important no matter where are you sleeping and a comfortable mattress can make it possible in every way. The Kingtana RV mattress is hand-crafted using only top-quality materials for familiar comfort that you feel at home on your regular mattress. Kingtana is the best online mattress shop in the USA and you can buy RV Mattress in Orange County and other regions at the best price.

RV mattresses measure several inches shorter, narrower, and thinner than the standard household mattresses. RV mattresses are designed to be more lightweight and flexible than traditional mattresses and add no burden to your RV. Their flexible design allows ease of adapting to such limited space for ease of living. Here at Kingtana, we make RV custom mattresses to meet your custom “RV” size so that it will not hang over the edges and will offer better fitting with your bed platform.

What do we offer?

Our RV custom mattresses come in different sizes and types depending on the space in your RV so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The various RV custom mattress options include RV twin size mattress, truck size mattress, bunk size mattress, RV full-size mattress, Short queen size mattress, and RV king size mattress. You can easily buy RV Custom Mattress Orange County in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, E.King, and Cal King at Kingtana at the best online price. We can also help you design your customized mattress within a few business days. 

We use premium and luxury materials to manufacture our mattresses for a cooler and comfortable night. The Kingtana mattress utilizes our premium top layer KTZONE-GEL that is ideal for all sleeping postures and causes no back, stomach, or side pain. We are committed to turning your bed more comfortable and cozy even when you are far from home.

We work with a team of trained and qualified technicians, and sleep experts for unique design, manufacturing, and customization services to deliver world-class products at affordable prices. You can trust us as the best online mattress shop to buy RV mattress in Orange County or any other region in the USA, we will deliver it at your place at reasonable rates. You can check our range of RV mattresses online and place your order at your convenience.