Orange County is the third-largest country in California with 40 miles of coastline and widely known for being home to many celebrities and various adventurous, interesting, and vacation spots. A lot of people, who come to spend their vacations in Orange County, choose to hire a Recreational Vehicle (RV) to explore this amazing city at their own pace and comfort. Besides, many families in Orange County have also chosen RVs as their home because of the affordability, flexibility, portability, and freedom these vehicles provide.

If you are a firm that provides RVs on rent or a family that owns an RV, there is one thing that you need to maximize the comfort level. And that is a comfortable mattress that makes the journey more enjoyable and less tiring. Good Sleep is something that everybody craves after a long exhausting day. Equipping a recreational vehicle with a good RV custom mattress will allow businesses to increase the number of happy and satisfied customers and families to make their night more relaxing and comfortable.

If you are not interested in investing in a custom mattress for your RV, here is why you should be.

Using a cheap mattress means spending more and resting less

Having an ordinary memory foam or the mattress that already comes with an RV is not going to contribute to good, relaxing sleep and last longer. After a short time, they start sagging or losing their support and comfort. They will only lead to back pain more and more frequently.

In case, you are going to buy a readymade RV mattress, then remember that most RV mattresses available in the market are not as high quality as the ones made for regular home beds.

Thus, investing in an RV custom mattress is a better choice for RV owners if you love to wake up every morning with a fresh mood rather than having a back, neck, or shoulder pain.

A custom RV mattress means it’s personalized to your comfort level

By ordering an RV custom mattress, you can ensure that the mattress is made according to your preferences. You can easily specify things, for instance:

“I want a high-quality RV custom mattress that will last for at least 5 years of continual use. It must be supportive and comfortable and help minimize lower back pain while ensuring a good night’s sleep. It should not be too hard or too soft and also have a heat-dissipating memory foam topper or proper airflow. It must fit my Queen size RV’s bed properly. Plus, it should have some flex so that we can maneuver it through a smaller space of the RV.”

Some RVs require a mattress of a special size or even special shape. You can mention the exact size and photo of the RV’s bed so that the mattress can be custom made that perfectly matches your comfort and the bed of your RV.

Besides size and shape, you will be able to get a custom mattress based on:

  • What you are looking for, why, and how you and your family sleep

  • The number of layers of various components, thickness, and density as they can vary with sleep issues and comfort preferences.

Being a reputed RV custom mattress manufacturer in California, Kingtana makes it a point to manufacture a high quality mattress with open pocket design for proper airflow as it increases the breathability of the mattress, provides an escape for the heat and moisture that build up on a mattress while sleeping, and therefore, also prevent mold or mildew formation inside the mattress. Kingtana’s RV custom mattresses are durable and engineered with KTZONE-GELTM Technology, Gel-Infused High-Performance Memory Foam, and 7-Zone Support System.

When an RV custom mattress can make your back pain disappear, makes your sleeping experience amazing, and help you save money on frequent mattress purchases, investing in it is always a wiser and smarter choice for RV owners.


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